Brockton Point
Country: Canada
Water: Vancouver Harbour
Region: British Columbia
Location: Stanley Park Vancouver
Position: 49┬░18'3"N  123┬░ 7'1"W
Year of construction: 1915
Building height: 10m
Fire height: n/a
Date picture taken: 12.07.1998
ID: L0110
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Point Atkinson
Country: Canada
Water: Burrard Inlet
Region: British Columbia
Location: West Vancouver
Position: 49┬░19'48"N  123┬░15'52"W
Year of construction: 1912
Building height: 18m
Fire height: 33m
Date picture taken: 10.07.1998
ID: L0111
Active Pass
Country: Canada
Water: Salish Sea
Region: British Columbia
Location: Mayne Island
Position: 48┬░52'24"N  123┬░17'28"W
Year of construction: 1969
Building height: 11m
Fire height: 17m
Date picture taken: 01.07.1998
ID: L0220
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